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Homemade GCSE Food Tech noodles

Updated: Jun 20

Credit and permission to share: Max.

We are very pleased to bring you a GCSE skills test from one of our #1 contributors.


For the noodles you need

80g               Plain flour plus extra for kneeding

1 large          Egg

1 Tbsn          Water (if dough is dry)

¼ Tspn         Salt


For the stir fry you will need

1                   Pepper

2                   Spring onions

1                   Carrot

2 cloves        Garlic

1 small knob  Ginger


For the sauce you will need

2 Tbsn          Oyster sauce

1 Tbsn          Light soy sauce

1 Tbsn          Dark soy sauce

1 Tbsn          Sesame oil


For the method you will need (a bit of luck apparently)

 The method is 'Just wing it!?!'


*We like this idea, have ago, get involved and hopefully pass your GCSE Food Tech!

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