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Onion bhaji

Updated: Feb 23

Credit to Kevin.


You might not have thought about knocking up a batch of home made onion bhajis, but it is worth a try, once in your life.


For a chilled evening why not make this snack, perfect for a Sunday night (other nights are also available), you will need:

A shallow frying pan.


1 large          White onion, slice

1 medium      Red onion, sliced

1 large          Mild red chilli, sliced

1 medium      Carrot, grated

1 Tspn          Cumin seeds

1 Tspn          Turmeric

1 Twist          Black pepper

1-2 Twists     Salt

½ cm            Light olive oil

100g             Plain flour

100cl             Cold water


1.               Mix all the ingredients in a bowl, except the flour, stir, leave for 30 minutes.


2.               Strain some of the water into the flour and mix to a light batter, keep mixing until you have a thick creamy texture, add in the other ingredients – keeping a firm but not stiff texture.  Leave for another 30 minutes.


3.               Heat the frying pan, add approximately ½ cm oil and heat until very hot, but not smoking.  Stir the mixture and carefully spoon the mixture with a table spoon into the oil, cook for around 5 minutes, turn over, and cook again until golden brown.  For more regular shapes you can use a ring. 


4.               Remove to drain on a plate with kitchen paper.  The onions should be crisp and light around the edges and light in the middle.  If not, tweak the texture of the batter and/or the temperature of the oil. 


5.               We ate ours with baby plum tomatoes and red pepper salad.

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