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Updated: Jun 20

Credit and permission to share: Tamara.

(Also, check out Tamara’s lasagne recipe - in RK’s opinion the greatest). 

We have have tried for so long to get hold of as she is so busy doing cool stuff and this recipe was in the loft or something.  But what we really like is, when we think BBQ, we don’t always think of a recipe like this.  You can do it before or after feeding the carnivores.

What do you need:

Spring onions/Shredded carrots/Onions

Green chillies or flakes

1 tbsp or coriander powder

1 tsp of smoked paprika

2 x corn on the cob charred

2 x black beans tins or if you prefer you can get dry ones, soak them and cook them as per packet instructions

Coriander leaves 


For the Avocado cream:

1 or 2 ripe avocados

1 lime (juice and zest)

A dash of water

Salt and pepper


For the wraps (makes 16 in total, for less just half the amount):

2 cups of flour

1 cup of boiling water

1 spoon of sesame oil



Gently fry the onions chopped just as you like them and in whatever oil you choose to use, then add the coriander powder when the onions are soft, add the grated lime juice/zest, smoked paprika, chillies & off course salt and pepper to your liking...stir everything nicely and add the beans while reducing the heat to a slow simmer for about 10/15 minutes and add water if required as you don't want them to go dry and claggy! once they are cooked you can set aside with the lid on.


For the avocado cream:

You can either smash the avocado with the fork and add all ingredients to it or you can blitz them...whatever is your choice will work.


The Charred corn:

I tend to BBQ them the day before, either you get the one already cooked in the packed and just charr them while you are having a BBQ or boil them if you get fresh and BBQ to charr them. Keep them covered in foil and serve them shredded in a bowl to add to your gorgeous meal.


For the wraps:

Mix all ingredients in a bowl and knead for a few moments on a floured surface. I then divide already the dough in smaller balls (I normally do batched of 8 with half of the ingredients suggested above) and roll out thinly one at the time to go directly on a pancake pan (works the best). I find that rolling as you need will get a better overall result as they tend to get sticky if you leave them stacked ready for the pan so I literally roll them out and cook them one at the time. I use a spray oil in between each pancake & keep them covered till you serve everything together. Off course you can get packets of wraps but trust me...those are a million times better and fun to make!


Serving tips:

Pancake/wrap - spread the avocado cream, pile your beans, top with corns and coriander leaves, spring onions or whatever else you might decide you like to add to it, hot sauce, salad leaves etc....roll and eat...voila' your dinner is ready to enjoy!

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